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Memento Mori
12 December 2012 @ 11:11 am

U N D E R    C O N S T R U C T I O N!

This journal is now F R I E N D S only!
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Memento Mori
08 November 2009 @ 07:29 pm
I have found something that I am good at lol and as promised (<3<3 Rhiannon!) I TOOK PICTURES! Haha. Okay lol Everything seen here is made out of duct tape and magnets. I have a variety of colors and things I can make! Anything can be customizable within reason of course. And if you're interested, you can PM me or comment me with what you would like, and I will make a paypal.. tonight or tomorrow lol depending on how tired I am. I will offer FREE SHIPPING so it won't effect the prices!

Sm. ID card holder / Coin purse $2
Money Holder / Wallet (Dollars only) $3
Money Holder with ID card $4
Checkbook holder (basic) $4
Checkbook holder (With ID card holder or money holder) $6
Sm Cellphone Holder $3
Lg Cellphone holder $4
Sm cellphone holder (flips shut with card/money holder) $5
Custom Orders: Price will vary

Hot Pink
Neon Green
Neon Orange
Light Blue
Dk Blue

Camo + $1 for sm items, $2 for large items
Plaid + $1 for sm items, $2 for large items
Tye Dye + for sm items, $2 for large items

I pick up new colors all the time, so I will keep this updated! :]

Now for the pics!

Money Holder

Flip shut cellphone holder w/ money holder

Sm cellphone holder

Fliptop lg cellphone holder w/ id holder

left to right - sm ID holder, open end sm cellphone holder and large cellphone holder

Checkbook holder with money slot

Another cellphone holder

Any questions, please feel free to ask! :]

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